The Fractional Directory is a resource for Kiwi CEOs and Founders to easily navigate the full range of Fractional talent available in New Zealand and Australia.

Around the world, Factional Leadership has disrupted the traditional leadership model, bringing more agility and innovative business practices into companies in times of growth, transition and change.

New Zealand ranks 27th in the world on the Global Innovation Index, performing well above its market size for forward-thinking, innovation centric business ventures. The challenge to Kiwi CEOs and Founders is having the same access as larger markets to a strong and diverse talent pool of leaders with deep domain and industry expertise.

Our goal is to surface the full range of expert talent operating in a Fractional business model both in New Zealand and Australia, to help Kiwi businesses see higher productivity, larger returns, and more stability in the long-term. Together with a bench of the right trusted experts, New Zealand business can change the world - and we're your gateway into this future.

Our Business Model and Values

We are a FREE resource to New Zealand businesses to directly search, enquire and hire Fractional Talent.

We surface all publicly listed Fractional Leaders operating on Linkedin within New Zealand, and those who have opted-in to work with New Zealand companies from Australia.

For Fractional Leaders who have created a custom profile and made themselves easily matched to business enquiries, we charge a 15% finders fee for the guaranteed portion of their hired contract. We have no membership fees, and only charge a fee for new Fractional work opportunities that are sourced directly from our site.

We believe in transparency, pay equity, and supporting both a gender balanced and ethnically diverse talent pool, accurately surfacing the skills of leadership experts across all demographics represented in New Zealand.

Our Team

Our business is proudly partnered with other organisations both in New Zealand and globally who work within a Fractional model. We are Founding members of the Fractional Leadership Alliance, and work alongside the Executive Recruiting ecosystem to bring the best-fit talent directly into New Zealand businesses.

Michelle Allbon
Co-Founder & CEO

Michelle operates as an Advisor and Fractional Chief Revenue Officer for both New Zealand businesses and clients across Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. She immigrated to New Zealand from the United States, and has domain expertise in Sales and Sales Strategy, having worked for technology companies ranging from series A to Fortune 100 (Salesforce, Oracle, Cisco).

Julia Bower
Co-Founder & Head of Product and Technology

Julia has more than a decade of engineering expertise, operating as a Senior Software engineer at Serko, a NZ-listed enterprise company. A distinguished graduate of AUT in Computer and Information Sciences, she has worked both in New Zealand and London for companies ranging from pre-IPO startups to large enterprises such as Avanade, Spark, IAG and ANZ.

If you would like to connect with us, send us an email at or follow us on LinkedIn.