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Fractional roles allow senior leaders and executives who are subject matter experts in a specific area of a business (ex: finance, marketing, sales, engineering, law, operations or product) to work as THE defined leader within a company, for a fraction of their full time capacity.

This might mean having a fCOO 1-2 days per week instead of 5; or tapping into an fCFO ad-hoc each month as the business requires. It is part of a future-of-work model that helps CEOs and Founders work more flexibly, save cost, and reduce risks associated with hiring expensive, full time employees into leadership roles - especially in times of rapid business growth, change or volatility.

Industry Reports

  • Fractional Leadership in 2024: New Zealand Market Report

    The first Fractional Directory Industry Report has just been released! Click below to read a detailed market analysis of Fractional Leadership in New Zealand, pay benchmarks for ANZ and overseas, and a summary of the top three deliverables each Fractional role in our Directory are most likely to offer companies in an engagement.